The automotive industry has long since departed the world of pure hardware. Instead, it’s now a point of integration between powerful engines and electric systems, and futuristic software. The manufacturers at the front of the pack are the ones to bring motor vehicles into the shiny, chrome future. We’re talking sophisticated collision warning systems, navigational systems, interactive HUDs (heads-up displays), and automated parking assistants.

It’s a whole new world and a whole new frontier for testing! Quality House is here to shorten the distance to the finish line.

Industry Specifics

Software intended for the automotive industry has a temperamental nature. All products here are intended to work seamlessly with highly specific hardware. As embedded software, every project comes with its own list of technical requirements, settings, mandatory resources, and specialized expertise. You’re in luck because Quality House ticks all of the above boxes and our specialists already have a major project under their belt.

Industry Knowledge

Quality House has worked with a renowned manufacturer of cockpit electronics products and connected car solutions in the past. Read the project’s Case Study in detail. In short, we came in at the later production stages to test and integrate over 80 functionalities, keeping close to the client’s technical specifications. Quality House specialists tested for Ford, BMW, GM, Porsche and Mazda.


  • Expertise: Uniquely qualified team with successful projects in their resumes.
  • Scalability: Adjustable scales to teams assigned to work on your product.
  • Cost Efficiency: Rates and payments determined by project scope and duration.
  • Swift Start: Quick response to inquiries with specialists ready to start as soon as X days