Quality House is every company’s partner, big or small, and proves it with competitive rates formed based on the length of the partnership, workload, our specialists’ profile, and size of the team. Hit 10,000 man-hours or higher and you get special discounts to make our service even more cost-effective. All prices are paid for the real-time spent on the project!

Best Fit For:

Sizeable projects with unspecified deadlines, mutable nature, and changing priorities that demand long-term involvement and an independent point of view.


  • Best fit for Off-Site Delivery;
  • Best fit for clients who don’t have their own QA department;
  • Integral, but also independent, part of your development team;
  • Team Size: 2 - 3 specialists minimum;
  • Minimum duration: 3 – 6 months;
  • Options to gradually expand team;
  • Scalability: Start with a Time & Material model and move to Dedicated Team;
  • Dedicated resources, assigned as per your requirements;
  • The team works under the direct supervision of the manager from your side;
  • You interview your team prior to selection;
  • Flexible rates based on team size, level of expertise, and project duration;
  • Payment is made at the month’s end after approving timesheets;
  • A Test Lead from Quality House responsible for all communication questions and team management;


  • 100% Knowledge Retention;
  • 100% Dedicated team assigned ONLY to your projects;
  • Quality Assessment and recommendations on process optimization;
  • Significant cost savings;
  • Control over task priorities, assignment, and execution;
  • Freedom to adjust testing needs to the changing specifications of the project;
  • Taking advantage of the time-zone differences to achieve tasks quicker;
  • Direct access to each team member;