The Importance of Testing in the Automotive Industry

  • 29 Apr 2020

The Importance of Testing in the Automotive Industry
For the last century, the car culture has spread over the entire globe and has impacted billions of people's life. Having in mind this fact, the automotive industry is especially vital for many. Why quality assurance testing is so important when making software and parts for cars, you can learn below.

Besides that continuous testing in automotive industries ensures the long-lasting operation of a vehicle both software and components it also ensures the safety of human lives.

In this text, I will put special emphasis on mechatronic components which combine tree major pillar in the automotive industry: software, electronics, and mechanics.

Why I mention human life’s on the very beginning of the text, I will give you one extreme example from my career despite a fact that sadly I have them a lot.

Imagine a sunny weekend day, you are traveling with your family in a recently bought new car, everything seems perfect, the road is straight and empty, weather conditions are clear, but technology in your vehicle has a different plan for your vacation.

Car for no reason starts to accelerate, ordinary/civilian driver starts to panic, with his hasty reactions the situation becomes much worse, the vehicle increases total speed from 120km/h to 160km/h in less than 15 seconds, too late for a safe stop.

Luckily this story ends with the vehicle in the shallow ditch by the side of the road, no fatalities no major injuries.

So What Was Wrong?

Official statement: Miscommunication between mechatronic components, the gas pedal sensor received a false command to accelerate despite driver didn’t physically press the pedal.

Official conclusion: Not enough testing was performed!!!


The environmental testing standards and highly standardized testing equipment help to authenticate the quality and fitness of the automotive components.

Also with increasing demand for automotive testing, creating high-quality testing environments combined with ISO, BIS, ASTM any many other standards, is an absolute must-have in production.

Story from this text ends with no casualties, only with a damaged vehicle, but just imagine there was a plane instead of a family car.

Author: Lazar Lazic
/Director Of Operations at Quality House Serbia/

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