Quality House Announces Transition to CTFL v4.0 for ISTQB Foundation Level Courses

  • 15 Dec 2023

Quality House Announces Transition to CTFL v4.0 for ISTQB Foundation Level Courses
In pursuit of ongoing improvement and relevance, Quality House is pleased to announce a significant update to our ISTQB Foundation Level courses. Starting January 2024, we will exclusively deliver courses based on the new syllabus, CTFL v4.0.

This latest iteration of the syllabus incorporates industry advancements, technological shifts, and best practices to ensure our participants are equipped with the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge in software testing. CTFL v4.0 reflects the dynamic landscape of the field, providing a comprehensive understanding of software testing principles, techniques, and processes.

For those who have already embarked on their learning journey with Quality House but haven't yet taken their Foundation Level certification exam, we want to ensure a smooth transition. You have until May 9th, 2024, to complete your certification exam based on the old syllabus v3.1.

Importantly, rest assured that all certificates obtained through our courses, regardless of the syllabus on which the exam was taken, will remain valid. Your commitment to enhancing your skills and achieving certification is a testament to your professionalism, and the effort you've invested will be recognized.

At Quality House, we look forward to the positive impact of this evolution in our training programs and believe that the adoption of CTFL v4.0 will empower our participants with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the ever-evolving field of software testing.

Consult our calendar for available dates and book your spot for the most up-to-date ISTQB Foundation Level training.

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